12 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT – Intense Shoulders, Back, Chest, & Arms!

Does It Matter When You Exercise And Why

Exercising at certain times does make a difference. It helps you in many ways and some are here.

Exercises and Workouts – 4 Exercises To Try For A Firmer Back

Developing strong back muscles is important as it will help to not only counteract any chest exercise work you do, but will also help you sustain better posture as well. If you suffer from weak back muscles, you may find yourself using poor posture throughout the day which could eventually lead to long-term back pain. The back is one area of your body often overlooked as you can’t physically see it – so it’s easy to neglect it. Let’s go over four great exercises to add to your routine to hit this major muscle group…

Tendonitis Vs Tendinosis – Symptoms and Treatment

Tendonitis is a term describing the pathology of the muscle tendon characterized by an inflammatory process in the tendon which can also be accompanied by degeneration or disruption of the tendon fibers. Another more common tendinopathy is the one called “tendinosis” which manifests mostly with the tendon degeneration without the existence or with minimal existence of the inflammation in the tissues. These terms are commonly used and mistaken for each other but, in fact, chronic inflammatory conditions in the tendons are not that common in comparison with degenerative types.

Easy-To-Perform Arm Exercises With The Resistance Loop Band

The resistance loop band is the newest and most convenient form of exercise equipment. It’s easy to carry with you – carry anywhere right in your pocket. This article provides specific instructions for the use of the band on the arm muscle groups.

Resistance Loop Band Leg Exercises

Legs have the largest muscles in the human body and increased muscle mass stimulates fat burning. This article provides five simple, effective exercises to build muscle and stimulate the fat burning process with the resistance loop band.

Fitness Myths – Working Out Properly

Working out properly can really help you to get the gains you expect in a shorter period of time. How many of these common misconceptions have you believed to be true?

4 Simple Principles to Building Better Legs

Whether you want well-defined legs as a guy or sexy legs as a gal, certain principles apply… This article will not focus on form or technique in order to get better legs but the underlying principles behind it all. Once you know these 4 simple principles, you can focus on shaping your legs through exercises you choose..

Exercise Prescription Software, Online or Desktop – Which Is Best for Me?

Choosing the correct software for physical therapy and fitness training. Choices include online or desktop software. Advantages and disadvantages of each option and pricing are also discussed.

When Is The Best Time To Exercise, Morning Or Evening?

This is a universally accepted fact that exercise is the gateway to a healthier life. There are countless advantages associated with exercise. Our physical and mental health is mainly dependent on physical activities like this. Doing exercise regularly not only tones up our body and muscles, but enhances our mental condition, heart health and blood pressure levels. Exercise is an effective tool to fight against stress and depression and helps to improve the frame of mind, keeping you fresh throughout the day. Another benefit associated with exercise is the sound sleep. If you are suffering from sleeping disorders or remain restless while sleeping, then exercise is the right solution to such issues.

6 Pet Peeves Of Gym Rats

There are just some things that some people do that irritate others are can seem downright disrespectful. Here are six things that I’ve seen done by both gym newbie’s and gym rats and how you can avoid really pissing someone off.

Home Workout Plan – Back and Arms

The last of our home workout plan series involves exercises for your back and arms. Much like the abdominals 2 workout, this one does involve a chin up bar. Details for where to get a reasonably priced one are found are found below.

Home Workout Plan – Legs

The home workout plan Part 5 is for legs. A lot of people hate leg day because they are working out the largest muscle groups and it can HURT. Walking like a penguin the next day is still a gratifying feeling. Buns of steel are worth the discomfort! As with the other workouts, no equipment necessary.

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